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The Canon of Proportions

The only surving music of Leonardo Da Vinci - Arranged, scored and produced by Stuart Mitchell

Portrait of a Musician is an oil on wood painting attributed to Leonardo da Vinci by some scholars. It was probably painted in 1490.

The man in the painting was at one time thought to be Franchino Gaffurio, who was the maestro di cappella of the Milanese Cathedral. Although some believe it to be a portrait of Gaffurio, others think the man is anonymous. The piece of paper he holds is at least one part of a musical score; it has notes written on it. The painting was greatly restored and repainted, and Leonardo probably left the portrait unfinished but close to completion.

The man is positioned in a three-quarter position and he is holding a partition sheet. The musician stares at something outside the spectator's field of vision. Compared to the detailed face of the musician, the red hat, his tunic and his hair seem to be painted by a completely other painter. Art historians have recognized the fine art of da Vinci in the young man's face, Siegfried Woldhek, a Dutch illustrator, has claimed that 'Portrait of a Musician' is one of three self-portraits by Leonardo.

Stuart Mitchell and I spent 2 years researching and translating the music that is in the painting and we will present to you now our musical findings based on the sequence of notes that Da Vinci made available to us within the painting.